Mind Body Skills Groups

What is a Mind Body Skills Group?

Mind-Body Skills Groups are experiential and evidence-based. In our group community, we incorporate techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenics, breathing, and movement that are taught in a supportive environment. Mind-Body Skills Groups are self-reflective. They foster sharing and connecting with others in a way that facilitates learning and growth that further supports individual and collective well-being. You witness your own as well as other’s emotions and experiences. In our mind-body skills group, 8 members and 2 group-leader-members meet weekly for eight 2-hour sessions. Members integrate the mind-body skills into their lives with group support. These evidence-based skills are “documented to lower stress, improve mood, enhance resiliency and optimism, and help prevent chronic health conditions.”–CMBM.org

Helping each other reach our fullest potential
Exploring Together to Heal Ourselves

Our mind-body medicine group is modeled after groups, cultivated by James Gordon, MD who founded the Center for Mind Body Medicine in 1991. Dr. Gordon is a former researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and is currently clinical professor of psychiatry and family medicine at Georgetown Medical School. He is additionally former Chairman of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy,  he is the author of Transforming Trauma: The Path to Hope and Healing, which we highly recommend.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) is the world’s largest, most effective program for healing population-wide psychological trauma. The CMBM model teaches ways to manage stress and build resilience. Chronic stress, can severely impact psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and addiction) and physiological disorders (heart disease, immune disorders and pain). —adapted from CMBM.org

Your group leaders have completed both professional and advanced professional training in running mind-body medicine skills groups at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

What You Will Learn:

Meditation : concentrative, mindfulness, and expressive meditations – which promote relaxation and awareness.

Guided Imagery: That utilizes imagination, to enhance physiology, and address issues that have been treatment-resistant.

Autogenic training & Biofeedback: Develops control of the autonomic system which reduces stress, and balances the mind and body.

Breath Work: Enhances health through awareness of the breath

Movement: Energizes and reduces stress

Journaling & Drawing, we reach into ourselves to engender solutions to problems that were previously insoluble —adapted from CMBM.org

Where and When do we Meet?

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 PM. During COVID-19, while we must maintain physical distancing, groups will be held on-line.

How do I Join?

After a brief phone interview and admission into the group, please fill out the form below and fax (347) 767-2204 it back as soon as possible:

Intake Form

Fee: $120 per 2-hour group, must commit to attending all eight groups. We will give you paperwork to submit to your insurance for group therapy; please note, we are out-of-network providers, check for reimbursement with your insurance ahead of time.

Please come with an open mind, ready to connect with, empathize with, and appreciate others and their individual experiences, as they will yours.