Books on logs, symbolizing resources

Publications on Mental Health: NIH Mental Health Publications

More About Mental Health: Help Guide

More About Mental Health: Healthy Place

Suicide: Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Medication Information: MedlinePlus

More about medications: FDA Medication Guide

COVID-19 : recommendations: CDC

Advocacy: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Advocacy: American Psychiatric Association

Assistance (Food/Legal/Bills): Find Help

School/Jobs and Training for People with Mental Illness: Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)

Alcohol Abuse: National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Drug Abuse: National Institute for Drug Abuse

Treatments for Opioid Use Disorder: Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) PDF

Cannabis, National Institutes of Health on: Marijuana

Non-Pharmacologic Treatments: Brain Stimulation Therapies (ECT, TMS, DBS)

Treatment Resistant Depression with Suicidality: Spravato (esketamine)

Depression and Ketamine: Harvard on Ketamine for depression

Electroconvulsive Therapy : Mayo Clinic on ECT

Therapy: Mental Health Association (MHA) of Rockland:

Psychiatric Resources: New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)

Government Sponsored Trials: Clinical Trials

Local Research in Mental Illness: Nathan Kline Institute